InnControl™ Closed Loop Control Systems

InnControl™ is a low cost, high performance closed loop servo control system custom configured to fit almost any type of servo-hydraulic or electro-mechanical test machine. It’s flexibility and ease of configuration makes it the perfect choice for a control retrofit on an existing test machine as well as for a new machine.


As with all machinery, there is a balance between the risk of downtime and the cost of upgrading old components. With InnControl™ the balance point changes significantly. We use tried and true state-of-the-art hardware in a time tested configuration (currently over 100,000 active loops running in North America alone) AND provide a User Interface specific to your needs.


  • Cost Effective: An InnControl™ solution is a fraction of the cost of the same retrofit from Instron or MTS
  • Customized User Interface: We use National Instrument’s LabVIEW to construct a customized user interface
  • 4000 Hz maximum closed loop control rate
  • Closed loop controller/PLC/data acquisition all in one system
  • 1-8 axes of synchronous dual mode control (displacement and force, for example)
  • > 8 axes of control possible

The bottom line is that the control electronics are proven entities and the control software is built specifically for the test and end user in mind.



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