The Innkeeper Open Loop Sequencer is our solution to the classic “Micromaster” and “Labmaster” PLC controller. It incorporates the power and flexibility of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with an operational platform so simple that even the occasional user can easily develop a custom test sequence. Add to that data acquisition, test file management, graphical displays and post processing capabilities and you have the new “Go To” controller for any test laboratory.


Typical configuration holds:


  • 8-16 digital outputs suitable for high current motors or solenoid driven valves.
  • 4-8 analog inputs for displacement, force, temperature, voltage, current, strain...
  • 8-16 digital inputs for remote triggering, limit switches, external counters...
  • data acquisition and storage
  • graphical and digital signal displays
  • open ended plug-ins available for post processing of collected data (speed of operations, load/ displacement, chuck measurement…)
  • multiple simultaneous test profiles


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