Automotive Test Equipment

Custom-Designed Testing Equipment

Innkeeper can custom-design the equipment you need to ensure your automotive manufacturing projects are properly tested and validated every step of the way.


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Automotive Industry Testing Solutions

Few industries are as dependent on technological advancements and innovation as the automotive industry. With increasingly complex electronic components, advancements in battery and engine technology, and a constant demand for safety, the automotive industry is a space where change is constant.

This change can be hard to keep up with at times – and that’s where Innkeeper comes in. Innkeeper offers custom automotive testing equipment for each step of the process, from engine loop testing and hydraulic testing to testing for car electrical components. Our experience in designing custom vehicle component testing machines can help you stay ahead of regulatory requirements and keep your designs running as effectively – and safely – as they should be.

Innkeeper Benefits

Multi-Axis Configurations

Custom designed machines, purpose-built for testing a full range of automotive components using hydraulics, pneumatics and screw drives.

Validation and Verification

For system, sub-system and component level testing, Innkeeper captures the required data from reliable functional testing.

Production Pressure / Flow / Temp Cycling

Precise control of the peaks and wave shape for long-term durability or one-shot ultimate strength testing.

Battery and EV

Safety and abuse testing like battery crush and nail penetration, roof and door crush can be well managed with Innkeeper controls.

Seat Belt Anchorage & Strength

Multi-axis closed loop control system to apply simultaneous force loading into separate areas of a seat assembly.

Rearward Strength, Seat Back Fatigue

Force and displacement profiles on seat components or full seat assemblies. Create, save, and recall test profiles and data.

Seat Component Power Durability

General durability tests on relays, motors, regulators, switches, seat backs, seat cushions, headrests, levers.

Wheel, Brake & Clutch Testing

Bi-axial wheel durability, ZWARP, ball joints, clutch mechanisms.

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