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What is InnControl™?

Discover the power of InnControl, a modular electronic control and data acquisition system by Innkeeper LLC. Developed from thousands of hours of real-world experience in the automotive, aviation and marine industries, InnControl ensures unparalleled flexibility in durability and fatigue testing. Our modular approach integrates flexible user interfaces with motion, feedback and device drivers.

Our Unique Four-Tier Approach

Our unique four-tier configuration ensures an intuitive user experience, streamlined system interface, reliable component interface, and robust field support. We’ve crafted the user interface with your technicians in mind, ensuring they can easily run safe, repeatable tests while recalling all necessary data, no matter the test outcome

The System Interface

The system interface, acting as our data interchange, efficiently divides tasks between hardware and software. It keeps all loop closure, limits, and safety within the servo controller’s confines guaranteeing precise task completion. Plus, it manages test profile sequencing and data storage.

Component Interface

Our component interface is a symphony of high-quality sub-components working in harmony as a single control system. Integrated into a standard 19” rack mount console, this design minimizes dependency on any single component’s reliability or lifespan. Each of these components is readily available, made by leading manufacturers, and easily replaceable.

Field Support

When it comes to field support, we excel both in-person and remotely. Our prompt response and comprehensive assistance set us apart. However, InnControl systems don’t rely solely on Innkeeper support. We provide all sub-component documentation and a full system diagram with every project, empowering any qualified technician to isolate and replace any individual component if needed. Choose InnControl and Innkeeper for your testing needs – because we’re not just about testing, we’re about solutions.


Continuous Loop Control

InnControl’s user interface for continuous closed loop testing is AXIS. This is primarily used for testing stability, strength, and cyclic fatigue with rotary and linear actuators. Multiple test rigs can be run from the same control system, and synchronized if needed. Key features include:

  • Choice of actuation; hydraulic, electro-mechanical systems, pneumatic, power.
  • Multiple modes of operation such as force, displacement, pressure, acceleration.
  • Test cycle building using typical sine/square/triangle/trapezoidal and the ability to create multi-point arbitrary waveforms.
  • Comprehensive data acquisition resources for data collection and review.
  • Solutions tailored to your specifications with our custom engineering.
  • Control system modernizations and upgrades.
  • Simplicity of operation through user intuitive interface design.

Discrete Closed Loop Control

In the world of product testing, having an easily configurable control system is paramount.  InnControl offers precision, repeatability, and ensures that limits are rigorously maintained. Here’s why Innkeeper’s MicroMaster user interface system stands out for discrete control:

  • Component and power life cycle testing with individual or synchronized commands.
  • Use of simple text for cycle programming (easier than PLC ladder logic). Our UI is user-friendly, without compromising on features.
  • Sequenced control of components such as motors, relays, temperature chambers, pneumatic cylinders, solenoids, valves and more.
  • Comprehensive data acquisition and display, letting your monitor real-time results, store data files and review previous data (through InnBox).
  • Interface to power supplies, pressure regulators and temperature chambers.
  • Replacement and retrofits of existing control systems.
  • Integration available CAN, LIN, Data Socket, TDMS and other I/O controls for seamless integration into your existing devices and controls.

Product Test Control

InnControl was designed to provide the tools you need to perform the tests and report the results. We provide flexibility for your changing environment-allowing you to modify control parameters, build test cycles and review the results. The same InnControl interface can be applied across multiple test systems for a common interface both visually and in component connections. Save your time and resources with this testing package. Your needs are often moving targets, and these tools are made to accomplish your goals and meet the deadlines


See It In Action

Here is an example of an automotive hood-latch test system. Applying InnControl’s MicroMaster UI, a simple test sequence was built to accommodate the existing test components and acquire durability data. The electrical interface between InnControl and the mechanical system actuates the latches, drive motor and monitors the sensors. The same control system will be connected to other test equipment and modified to suit each new application using off the shelf actuators and sensors. In this instance, a DIY oriented customer now has the primary tools needed to successfully execute a broad variety of component tests.

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