Using state-of-the-art components and a User Interface designed around the needs of both the test engineer and the operator, InnControl™ delivers a highly reliable, low risk, low cost complete control system. InnControl™ is the ideal solution for any application where precise control is required. It works equally well on hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical systems.

Continuous Closed Loop Control

  • Strength and fatigue testing
  • 1-8 axes of control
  • Drives hydraulic actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators
  • Continuous closed loop control over displacement, force, pressure, velocity, acceleration, temperature
  • Data acquisition, storage, graphical displays

Discrete Closed Loop Control

  • Component and power life cycle testing
  • Micromaster and Labmaster replacement
  • Drives solenoids, motors, relays, temp chambers, pneumatic cylinders, electric cylinders
  • Remote set power supplies, chamber temps, pressure regulators
  • Data acquisition, data storage, graphical displays