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Modular Tools for Product Testing, AXIS with InnControl

AXIS Controller

What is AXIS?

Discover the value of AXIS, a modular electronic servo control system by Innkeeper LLC. Developed from thousands of hours of real-world experience in the automotive, aviation and marine industries. AXIS, with the InnControl software platform ensures efficient durability, fatigue and performance testing performance.

The AXIS Advantage

Whether you need to work with fatigue strength, tension/pull, pressure/burst, deflection, displacement or strain, AXIS interfaces with actuators, sensors, command, and safety signals to simulate real-world stresses on your components and assemblies.

Legacy Product Replacement and Expansion

Many labs still rely on older products like the 407, 2370, 5900, VT-6008. AXIS not only replaces these legacy products but also enhances test automation features when paired with our InnControl™ software. This rejuvenates existing equipment through control retrofits and powers new test stations with advanced features.

Value Proposition

AXIS was designed to balance cost, function, flexibility, and stability inherent in all closed-loop controllers. Using widely available components and a User Interface centered around the needs of both the test engineer and the operator, InnControl delivers a highly reliable, low-risk, and cost-effective control system. Perfect for any application requiring precision, InnControl adapts to various hardware types, is easy to configure, and boasts a user-friendly interface. It excels in controlling hydraulic, pneumatic, and electro-mechanical systems as well as managing pressure, temperature, and power delivery. Its intuitive design reduces setup errors, offering a flexible testing tool built with the end-user in mind.

Field Support

When it comes to field support, we excel both in-person and remotely. Our prompt response and comprehensive assistance set us apart. However, InnControl systems don’t rely solely on Innkeeper support. We provide all sub-component documentation and a full system diagram with every project, empowering any qualified technician to isolate and replace any individual component if needed. Choose InnControl and Innkeeper for your testing needs – because we’re not just about testing, we’re about building your solutions.

AXIS Controller


In the dynamic world of product testing, meeting requirements can be a challenge. That’s why we developed AXIS – to give lab management and staff a flexible tool that evolves with their needs. Over the past decade, we have optimized AXIS to be both cost-effective and adaptable, meeting custom requirements while keeping it affordable for those who need one or two channels. AXIS retains the essential features for single station testing while standardizing to keep costs down. It’s the heart of our closed-loop testing offering.

2U height, 19” rack for desktop or rack mounting.
Emergency Stop function can also be linked to external buttons.
Reset the system from physical button or through software.
Just the facts, indicators for power, error condition.
Robust connectors for control and signal wiring. Optional builds for hydraulic and servo-electric actuators.
AXIS Controller

Hardware Features

The AXIS controller bridges the gap between your test stand and our InnControl software. The black box may look simple, but it houses servo control electronics, safety relay, and sensor interfaces. With detailed wiring connection drawings, you can even create your own cabling. The AXIS controller is packed with features, including:

  • Single or dual-axis/servo mode operation.
  • Compact 2U height control drawer, perfect for typical 19” equipment racks or tabletop use.
  • Customer-modifiable actuator configurations.
  • High-resolution digital servo control electronics.
  • Fast update rates for control loop and feedback signals.
  • Selectable control modes for PID loops.
  • Flexibility to work individually or as a phase-locked multi-axis test.
  • Compatibility with Hydraulic, Electro-Mechanical and Pneumatic actuators.
  • Conditioning for LVDT, Load Cells, and String Pots.
  • Hydraulic Off/ Low/ High Pressure Control for each Control Group (for a hydraulic configuration).
  • AXIS Off/ Ready/ Enable Control for each Control Group (for an EM configuration).
  • Standard single-phase 115VAC power outlet compatibility.
  • Emergency Stop pushbutton on the AXIS controller front panel and dedicated connector for additional ESTOP daisy chain links.
  • English language control text and manuals.
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AXIS Controller

Markets & Applications

The AXIS controller is a versatile solution, designed to meet a broad range of product development requirements. Whether you’re testing components and subassemblies for fatigue strength, durability, or performance, AXIS has you covered. It’s ideal for one-off R&D, design intent verification, production process conformance testing, advanced part aging simulations, OEM standard certifications, and product benchmarking. In short, whatever your testing needs, AXIS is ready to deliver.

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AXIS Controller

Software Features

The InnControl interface for closed loop control is specially designed to integrate not only the two channel AXIS system, but it can also manage up to 14 individual axis. It is a multi-tiered User Interface platform and it allows for modular connection to device drivers, feedback sensors and a wide range of actuators and motion systems.

  • User Interface
  • System Interface
  • Component Interface
  • Hardware
  • System Control
  • Cycle Building

Take Control of Your Testing

In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s crucial to have equipment that can adapt and grow with you. Our AXIS Controller is designed to do just that—offering precision, flexibility, and ease of use for all your testing needs.

Don’t let outdated equipment hold you back. Embrace the future of testing with AXIS by Innkeeper LLC. It’s not just an investment in a tool—it’s an investment in the continued success of your lab or testing team.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to discuss how AXIS can revolutionize your testing process. Our team of experts is ready to help tailor a solution to fit your unique needs.

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AXIS Controller

What We Offer

AXIS is a preconfigured system which reduces the burden of test set-up on the shop floor.  From a few questions regarding the connected devices, the unit will be configured for your needs.  An example of the base pricing is shown below.  If there are additional features and functionality not provided in the base level AXIS, Innkeeper can provide full customization up to 14 axis of control. For the full description of channels and performance, please contact us.


$25K Price

  • Single Axis Controller
    • Enclosure, 2U, 12” deep
    • Preloaded Software
    • Mating connectors
    • Online documentation


  • Options Custom cables
    • Remote support package
    • Remote training

$30K Price

  • Dual Axis Controller
    • Enclosure, 2U, 12” deep
    • Preloaded Software
    • Mating connectors
    • Online documentation


  • Options Custom cables
    • Remote support package
    • Remote training
AXIS Controller

Product Packaging

AXIS is a fully functional system, yet packaged for simplicity.

New Systems

Build your own mechanical equipment and interface directly to AXIS.


Update your existing systems with AXIS. Use these advanced software features to obtain more from your equipment.

Kit Builds

If you need additional features, Innkeeper can provide additional resources and controls in a custom kit.

AXIS Controller

Upgrade Your Lab.

Enhance Your Testing.

Choose AXIS.

Contact us at 734-743-1707 to learn more. Your journey towards better testing starts with AXIS and Innkeeper.

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