Testing equipment is only as effective as the control system that runs it. As with all machinery, there is a balance between the risk of equipment downtime and the cost of upgrading old components. With InnControl™, this balance point changes significantly. InnControl™ uses state-of-the-art digital components and a customized user interface to deliver a highly reliable, low-risk, servo control replacement to support and enhance your testing requirements. InnControl™ offers a full performance control retrofit with a quick turnaround and customized user interface at a fraction of the cost of the same retrofit from other companies.

Structural Machine Retrofits

InnControl™ is ideally suited as a replacement controller for existing test equipment in many different markets, including but not limited to:

  • Tensile/Compression
  • Universal Test Machine (UTM)
  • Servo-Hydraulic/Electro-Mechanical
  • Ball Joint/Tie Rod
  • FMVSS Seat Testing
  • 4 Post Road Simulator
  • Radiator & Heat Exchanger Pressure Cycle
  • Steering Gear
  • Damper/Shock Absorber

Biaxial Wheel Test Retrofits

  • Full control of LBF, Schenck, Klock, MTS style machines
  • Passenger car and heavy truck machines
  • Eurocycle, AKR, SAE J2562 profiles
  • “Schwendemann” method for load profile generation