InnControl™ ZWARP Biaxial Wheel Test Machine Control Retrofits

The first biaxial wheel test machines were built over 30 years ago and most are still using antiquated controls in varying states of repair. The InnControl™ Wheel Test Rig control system is a controller retrofit package that can be used with most existing ZWARPs (LBF, Klock, Schenck, IST and others). It can be used on Passenger Car or Heavy Truck rigs alike and can usually be installed within 5 business days.

InnControl™ Wheel Test Rig incorporates the Schwendemann Method of load pair generation into the controller itself. Once initiated with desired Fr and Fa values, the Schwendemann feature automatically adjusts the Fv, Fh and ɣ control loops to achieve the optimum values necessary to duplicate the magnitude and direction of the desired resultant force (Fres) on the wheel. The resultant load file can be loaded directly into the Test Run page for immediate operation or exported into Excel for block cycle arrangement.

InnControl™ Wheel Test Rig offers a full performance control retrofit with a customized user interface. A great many of the innovations included in the InnControl™ Wheel Test Rig user interface are due in part by our experience as users of this equipment from 2006-2017.