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MicroMaster Durability & Fatigue

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Our test control systems come equipped with InnControl, our test control platform. InnControl is equipped with full data acquisition and display functions as well as many other test oriented “tools”. Life Cycle durability testing is handled by MicroMaster Sequential Logic Controller running within the InnControl platform. Innkeeper offers durability test equipment controllers for purchase, rent-to-own and month-to-month rentals.

Allows users to enjoy flexibility to apply this controller to almost any test function, save money on hardware from having to have multiple single use systems, save test setup time by use of a standard interface, collect data for tests that in the past were not feasible without an external, separate acquisition system.


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Benefits of the InnControl's MicroMaster

Simple and Flexible

MicroMaster can run multiple simultaneous individual tests within one set of control hardware


Each MicroMaster control panel has a default of 16 outputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 analog inputs. Any number of MicroMaster windows can be run in a given system.

Integrated Data Acquisition

16-bit resolution on all inputs. 100hz default. 1000hz possible. MM allows for adjustable acquisition rates during testing that in the past was not feasible without an external, separate acquisition system.


MicroMaster controls components using digital I/O, LIN, CAN, MODBUS, TCP/IP communications standards

InnControl MicroMaster

  • Combines powerful machine control with built in data acquisition.
  • Turns on/off devices like motors, solenoids, and relays commonly used to control tests or automotive components.
  • Standard Manual units control against time, count, limit switches, force, torque displacement, angle.
  • Standard Power units control against time, count, limit switches, voltage, current.
  • Custom units can be configured to control against ANYTHING.
  • Displays and acquires data upon request, saves/recalls stored programs.
  • Runs multiple individual tests within one controller. The number of actual control channels or inputs are unlimited.
  • Test sequences are seamlessly moved to other MM controllers.

InnControl is used by Industry Leaders